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live on the wild side!

natural surroundings

In the warmth of the Caribbean Sea and the gentle waves of the South Coast of Barbados, you can snorkel through your own personal aquarium as you pass over a coral reef just a short distance from the beach outside your apartment, spot speedy sand crabs on the pearly-white sands or watch hummingbirds feed in the garden’s tropical flowers from your patio.

island wildlife & plant life

There are numerous opportunities to investigate the flora and fauna of Barbados, both on the island and in the sea.

Barbados Green Monkeys are common on the island and are popular visitors to the afternoon feeding at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in the northern parish of St. Peter.  The majority of animals at the Wildlife Reserve co-habit the lush woods and having very few cages, you can enter their world to experience their daily lives.   Walk quietly or sit peacefully in this small tropical haven and who knows what you could spot high up in the trees or down by your feet.  And on that note, we suggest good walking shoes for its rough woodland terrain and some insect repellant if you’re popular with mosquitoes!

Entry to the reserve also includes access to the Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station.   The restored station gives both an insight into the history and great panoramic views of the island.   You can also wander through the forest and read the information signs to learn about the trees and plants which have long been used by the islanders for medicinal benefits.

The various parks and gardens all across the island allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscape, stunning flowers and plants that the tropics are known for and which help make Barbados the treat for the eye that it is, whether you visit the Botanical Gardens or limestone caverns of Harrison’s Cave.

day trips

We can help you organise any trips or excursions which might take your fancy so contact us with any queries and our Barbados-based team will come back with first-hand, knowledgeable, advice and recommendations. If you’re not sure how often you’ll want to tear yourself away from our comfortable surroundings, warm sands, gentle waves and glorious sea views, Peter and Sheena will be on hand during your stay to help make it one to remember.

We can particularly recommend an excellent day trip to swim in the warmth of the Caribbean Sea with Green Turtles, deep sea fishing or visiting the Carlisle Bay Marine Park to snorkel or scuba-dive.

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